Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Things We Love...

I've been on a blogging roll lately! Don't get too used to it, but here are just a few of our favorite Nashville things according to iPhoto...
 We love TaySwift.

 We love road trips to LSU games.
We love relaxing cabin weekends with friends and Pinterest projects. 

We love matching with said friends. 

We love dressing up for Halloweenie Roasts. 

We love Titans games. 

We love home-cooked Thanksgiving feasts with Momma.

We love giant Opryland Christmas trees. 

We love decorating real Christmas trees. 

We love Tacky Christmas Sweater parties. 

We love jumping pictures. 

We love when LSU wins the SEC Championship...again. 

We love dressing up for 90's parties. 

 We love Loveless birthday breakfasts with best friends.

We love Preds games.

We love Belmont boys. 

We love homemade slip-n-slides. 

We love (rainy) Days in the Park. 

We love Brandon's annual drum presentations. 

We love great partner teachers who help us survive the school year!

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