Wednesday, October 20, 2010

a random list of thoughts

**I just realized that I didn't even update to let the blog world know I got a teaching job! 99.9% of you should already know that by now though. More on this to come...**

Since I'm a list maker, I thought it'd be easier to track my thoughts this way for this post.

1. First and foremost, updating blogs takes time. Lots of time, and commitment, and creativity...most of which I'm running thin on these days. I admire those who find time to update everyday when it's not their actual job. I'm sorry to get your hopes up with my frequent updates this summer and now they're few and far between.

2. Brandon is rocking it at Belmont! I'm so incredibly proud of him. It does my heart good to see him thriving in what he was created to do.

3. Keeping up with friends back home is harder than I thought. I have learned to cherish those short conversations, weekend trips back home, and random texts/Facebook messages.

4. Finding a new church and where to plug in is a lot harder than I expected. Pray for us as we join Cross Point and get connected with a community group. We're craving community big time.

5. I've learned (the hard way) to ask the right questions when interviewing for a teaching job. So far, my new job is kinda like starting my teaching career all over again plus added work like when I was in college/grad school. I never expected to be spending this much time writing lesson plans. I'm thankful for a job though, and I know the Lord is stretching me in ways I've never been stretched before. The refinement is hard, but the end result for His glory is worth it all.

6. Continuing on the job topic, I'm learning a lot about contentment. God has me in this school, this classroom, teaching all the subjects, and with these students for a reason. Although they wear my patience thin pretty often, I'm proud to be their mother hen. Although I sometimes envy other people's jobs and where they are in life, deep down inside the Lord is teaching me that there's no other place I'd rather be because it's where HE has placed me. His will is perfect and good, so pleasing Him in this place is what I desire and long to do.

7. Nashville food has pleasantly surprised me. I'm currently experiencing a state of food euphoria since we've gone to Five Guys, McDougal's, Loveless Cafe, and Pei Wei. It's no home-cooking Cajun food, but that makes coming home that much sweeter.

That's all I got for now. Surely, you wouldn't expect me to update with words and pictures, would you?! Ok good, because it ain't happenin :)