Thursday, September 9, 2010

Long overdue

I had a feeling this would happen. Complete and utter blog neglect. I apologize to all I may have hurt. To make things better, this one will be quick...just a few quick pics and captions.

Before our anniversary, these beautiful girls came to visit, along with one of our favorite couples ever, the Normans. It's sad that I only have this one picture out of both weekends. I really need to be more intentional with taking pictures.

Then my sister Lorien and my favorite niece Amelia came to visit for a girls weekend. We had a great time exploring the city, trying out a new sushi restaurant (very disappointing however), and playing home decorator. While I love to follow home decorating blogs, I lack the confidence and vision to do anything with our apartment. Lorien was quick to pass on that creativity, and we hit the Goodwill jackpot! I've been wanting to re-cover the dark red fabric that was hanging in our living room, so Lorien helped me pick out 3 cute fabrics and cover blank canvases. Ever since Lorien gave us a comforter she had wanted to get rid of, I had been eyeing some really cute wrapping paper to frame. We then found 3 frames to spray paint white and framed the paper. It matched perfectly and is a great addition to our big blank bedroom wall.
Last weekend, I headed down to Perdido Key, FL for Val's bachelorette beach weekend. The weather was perfect, the beaches were clean, and there were no big Labor Day crowds! It was so very relaxing, and I had so much fun with the girls! Unfortunately, the only pics I took were from my waterproof disposable camera (straight old-school!), so I'll have to get those developed.

I'm sooo excited about LSU football this weekend!! My brother is coming in town, and we're going to the LSU vs. Vandy game with him and his girlfriend. Hopefully, our Tigers will straighten up from last week!